Project Information

Health Projects Run by the AHS

Eyecare Providing eye testing, fitting of spectacles and referring to hospital
Equipment Provision Buying, distributing and servicing essential equipment for health workers
Health Worker Upskilling Updating the knowledge, skills and attitudes of our health workers
Mosquito Net Provision Treating and providing mosquito nets for people to sleep under to reduce the spread of Malaria
Village Birth Attendants Training VBAs to give antenatal care and deliver babies to mothers in remote villages
Village Health Aides Training VHAs to carry out basic treatments in remote villages
Village Health Promoters Training VHPs to help communities improve their own health
Water Project Assisting remote communities to provide their own clean and safe water systems
Post Basic Education Annually sponsoring health workers for courses:-

  • Bachelor of Midwifery
  • Bachelor of Paediatrics
  • Diploma in Health Education
  • Diploma in Health Teaching
  • Diploma in Management
St Margaret's Community Health Worker School We are preparing a submission to AusAID PNG INcentive Fund to build a new school. The school is also implementing a new modular training. There is a continued need for more books and training materials.
St Barnabas School of Nursing The school will commence the new Diploma level course in 2005. There is a continued need for more books and training materials.
Improving Transport and Communications All of our health facilities now have radio communication. There is a continuing need to improve on vehicle and dinghy transport.
Lighting Kerosene lamps were the sole source of lighting for most of our health facilities at night time. All of our health centres now have electric light from a generator, hydro or solar panels. There is a need now to improve the lighting for our Aid Posts.
Laboratory Facilities Most of our health workers make their diagnosis by observing the sick patients symptoms, without being able to confirm their diagnosis. Some of our health facilities have now been provided with microscopes and other laboratory equipment, and health workers have been trained in lab techniques. We need to continue this process.
Visiting Dentist Dr John Phillips from Australia, now visits us annually to provide dental examinations, treatment and training for our health facilities in Popondota Diocese. This work needs to be extended.
Refurbishing and Constructing New Buildings Many of our buildings were in a poor state of repair. Emphasis is given to improving maternity wards, inpatient facilities and outpatient departments to increase privacy and comfort.

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