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Improving Communications and Transport
radio comm The lack of transportation and communications are major problems throughout the Anglican Health Service because of the remoteness of so many of our communities. Four of our facilities now have ambulances, and four have dinghies. We will endeavour to improve access to all of our facilities. We have installed radios in seven of our Aid Posts, enabling the Community Health Workers stationed there to seek immediate professional advice and help when necessary.

Five of our health facilities still need to connected by radio.

Providing the Necessary Equipment and Facilities
Many of our centres have been handicapped in their efforts to provide a good service by inadequate facilities and equipment. We have started to remedy this situation. Some progress has already been made: we are particularly grateful to Rotary in Australia, who have sent 2 consignments of used hospital equipment. There are still many basic things we need, ranging from stethoscopes to beds, and everything in between.

Some refurbishment of health facilities has been completed:-

  • The student hostel was refurbished at Dogura
  • The wards at Movi and Koinambe have been cubicalised and refurbished
  • The outpatients' unit at Koinambe has been rebuilt
  • One of the wards at Oro Bay has been converted to an isolation ward
  • The maternity ward at Dogura is under construction - this will also need new furniture and equipment
  • New classrooms and library built at St Barnabas School of Nursing (funded mainly through the Catholic Church)
Our Future Building Priorities are:-

  • Rebuilding of St Margaret's Community Health Worker Training School. This is a high priority, but we have not yet identified a source of funding.
  • Resiting the Inpatients' Ward at Tarakwaruru from its previous location on the shoreline to higher ground nearer to the outpatients unit. It was demolished because it was in a poor state of repair and subject to flooding from the sea causing much discomfort to patients. We have not yet identified a source of funding. Patients are currently accommodated in a bush ward.
  • Further upgrading and refurbishment of wards at Oro Bay.

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