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1. What is the Anglican Health Service (AHS) ?
The Anglican Church is one of 20 Church denominations which manage rural health services in Papua New Guinea. In some provinces there is just one denomination as in Oro Province, where the Anglican Church is the only church health service, whereas in other provinces, there may be as many as six denominations.

AHS operates across 4 diocese:-

  • Popondota (Oro Province)
  • New Guinea Islands (West New Britain)
  • Dogura (Milne Bay)
  • Aipo Rongo (Simbu & Western Highlands)
126 Heath Workers provide services at:-

3 Rural hospitals
12 Health Centres (inpatient and outpatient facilities)
18 Aid Posts
400 Village Clinic Points

Our Health Workers routinely provide the following services:-

  • Family planning, Immunisation, Child growth monitoring, Treatment of sick patients
  • Health promotion
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Antenatal, deliveries and postnatal care
AHS also manages 2 educational institutions:-

St Margaret's School of Nursing, which conducts 2 year training for community health workers (all CHW training in PNG is conducted by the churches).
St Barnabas School of Nursing, which is jointly managed by the Anglican, Catholic and United Churches, conducts 3 year training for nurses.

2. How is AHS Managed ?
The National Health Secretary is responsible to the Anglican Health Board for the overall management of the Anglican Health Service. The day-to-day management of the service in each diocese is carried out by the Diocesan Health Secretaries (DHS), who are managerially accountable to the National Health Secretary. The NHS' Consultative Committee comprises the Health Secretaries, School Principals, and staff representatives. It meets annually to formulate policy for approval by the Health Board; monitoring service provision; deciding on staff postings; and dealing with other management issues.

Liaison between church health services and the National Government are conducted through the Churches' Medical Council, which has a coordinative role.

3. How is AHS Funded ?
Until 2001 the salaries and operational running costs were paid by the National Government, through Provincial Governments. Since 2001 they have been paid through the Churches Medical Council to each Church Health Secretary, since payments have been much more regular.

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