AHS Album

Man drinking
Man drinking from a newly installed village tap at Movi
Smiling man
An appreciative man because of the newly installed village tap at Movi
Water tank construction
Mixing cement for the construction of a water tank
Student and teacher
Petra Govira (tutor) speaking to a 1st year student Ravu at St. Margarets School of Nursing
Emma Kui, 1st years student at St. Margarets School of Nursing
Mosquito net
Demonstration of mosquito net treatment
Gerald and radio
Community Health Worker Gerald with a new radio in his aid post
Village girl
Village girl wearing make-up in West New Britain
Village children
Village children showing the common enlarged abdomen
Children's dress
Traditional children's dress
Traditional PNG welcome
A traditional and now rare PNG village welcome for outsiders
Health worker and patient
Community Health worker examining patients
Village Birth Attendants at the Oro Bay Health Centre
Outpatients department under construction at Koinambe Hospital
Father Leonard
Village priest Father Leonard blessing the newly constructed outpatients department at Koinambe
Koinmabe hospital
Koinambe hospital before new outpatients department was built
Village health promotion
Village health promotion workshop, Kopinambe. Villagers are participating in a group activity
Village health promotion class
Village health promotion workshop, Movi
Village health promoter and students
Village health promoters playing a health promotion training game devised by the AHS
Sister Morra demonstrating kit
Sister Morra demonstrating the kit provided by the AHS to the Village Health Aides that they train
Archbishop James Ayong
Archbishop James Ayong (Chairman of the Anglican Health Board) presenting awards at the St. Margarets Training School

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